About Us

What is it?

Founded by SSPWXR and operated by PeytonWX and started in 2021, KODI Cable Network is an EAS/EAS tech enthusiast ran streaming network. We started in 2021 by mainly streaming over YouTube and embeded on a google sites website. Later in Quarter 2/Quarter 3 of 2022, we started by streaming over our dedicated streaming server and over our website.

Why we do what we do.

As previously said in we are a enthusiast ran network and mainly do this for fun! Note: We are NOT an official cable network/company!

What we offer at KODI Cable Network

We offer a good amount of services here at KODI and we want our participants and visitors to have a equally good experience here. We offer: Video Streaming, Audio Streaming, EAS related content, fun and interactive discord server and much, much more!

Want to join the network?

Click the JOIN button on the navigation bar and have a look at our participant application on the Discord server!